Next meeting of the Kentville Skatepark Association September 17

The next meeting of the Kentville Skatepark Association is this Thursday September 17 at 7pm at Kentville Town Hall (354 main street). We have an amazing 3D rendering of the final park design to show off. We are also gearing up to roll out our corporate package. We are looking for local businesses to sponsor our facility (either financially or through in-kind donations, like concrete, fill, landscaping services etc) Come find out how you can support your local skatepark! If you can’t make the meeting but would like more info on our corporate sponsorship package please e-mail me at

Build Your Own Skateboard Workshops! Sign up Now!



Check out this exciting 3-day workshop where you can make your own custom skateboard deck from scratch under the guidance of Kentville woodworker and craftsperson, Michael DeLuca! There are 4 workshops to choose from. Although these decks are sure to look fantastic they don’t have to be wall hangers. Built to shred!



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Silent Auction ‘Art Board’ Fundraiser This Friday June 26, 2015 at Designer Cafe in Kentville

Ramp it up 2!
A silent auction fundraiser in support of the Kentville Skatepark
Join us at the Designer Cafe in Kentville this Friday June 26 from 6:30-9:30pm
for an evening of food, music and fun! Over 25 local artists have created a piece of art
using a blank skateboard deck as their canvas. These unique ‘art boards’ are currently on display
at the cafe and are up for auction with bidding closing the night of the event. All proceeds go towards the construction of Kentville’s future skatepark. This is a great way to support our talented local artists, while promoting healthy active living in our community. See you there!
Art Boards for the Spring 2015 Silent Auction Fundraiser

Art Boards for the Spring 2015 Silent Auction Fundraiser

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